Recommend Without Reservation!

Russ Williams, Executive Director, NC Zoo Society

"It is with much pleasure that I recommend Kathy Bull.  She was hired for several specific skill sets, and quickly revealed many more.  She is a self-starter who takes on added responsibilities when she sees a need. She was outstanding in her leadership role here. It is without reservation that I recommend Kathy Bull!

Detail, Inclusiveness, Drive...Far-Reaching Effect!

Diane Villa, Graphics Supervisor, North Carolina Zoo

“Working with Kathy always give me a burst of energy–her enthusiasm is contagious! She is very passionate about what she does and she attends to her projects with detail, inclusiveness and drive. Her belief in the mission of the North Carolina Zoo (and Zoo Society) has had far-reaching effects across our state.”

Invaluable Vision and Drive!

Kerry Sparks, Membership Director, NC Zoo Society

“Kathy is an exceptional individual, combining high-energy and drive with passion, experience and the tenacity to get results!. Her vision and drive were invaluable to both the NC Zoo Society and NCCAN! Working with Kathy daily on numerous projects was a joy! Kathy is extremely professional and someone whose dedication and vision I truly admire. I would consider it an honor and joy to work with Kathy on any project, anytime."

Dynamic, Perceptive...Makes Things Happen!

Avery Cleary, Director of Grassroots Engagement, Children and Nature Network

"Kathy has a spark that lights up a room and makes things happen. She is dynamic, perceptive, articulate, competent, and creative. Her natural networking and relationship building abilities, along with her care and concern for people, and passion for creating positive change are a unique combination making her a fabulous addition to any team."

Outstanding and Committed!

Paul Lessard, President, High Point Community Foundation

“Kathy is an outstanding and very committed worker who always seeks win-win relationships. She is extremely competent and has tremendous work ethic. I recommend her unconditionally, always!"

Exceptional Advocate!

Shelby Gull Laird, President, Environmental Educators of North Carolina

“Kathy is an exceptional advocate and dedicated to working with partners to accomplish tasks quickly. Kathy knows her stuff, and uses that knowledge to achieve. We are working together on the NC Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights, but I would work with her again on any project!”

Enthusiastic and Effective!

Greg Hunter, Managing Director, Oppenheimer & Co

“ Kathy is very effective at her vocation and delivers results in excess of expectations. Her communication skills and ability to connect interpersonally are excellent. The Zoo is very well served by Kathy.”


Lori Kiesser, Development Director, Inside the Outdoors, Chair - Development Committee, Children and Nature Network

"Kathy excels at networking and has excellent people skills. She responds quickly to partner inquiries and searches for creative ways to make h partnership a win-win for all involved. Kathy is comfortable reaching out to make connections through a variety of methods, including in-person, phone, email and social media."