Why Use Us!

Bull Consulting Services brings over 25 years of leadership and executive experience in both the nonprofit and corporate sector. The results speak for themselves- they make an  IMPACT!

Our Experience Shows!

Clients and Services

Results with IMPACT!

   Interest:      We generate awareness, interest and excitement about your  


   Management: We work with you to implement solid management and best 


   Profit:           We find solutions that generate increased revenues.

   Action:          We provide action steps and time lines that lead to success.

   Collaborate:  We help build collaborations and partnerships that leverage   

                          resources and expand capacity.

   Timely:          We provide research based solutions so your efforts are needed, 

                          effective and lasting.

      !:                        We work as a TEAM- we are there to provide ongoing assistance 

                           and support. 

                           We are only a phone call away!